Pure Joy: Corrine Hamilton’s 4-H Experience has Provided a Decade of Happiness

The Tuscarawas County Fair just makes Corrine Hamilton happy. She enjoys most of the same experiences as fair goers: exploring the food, animals, booths, and events when she attends. While Corrine may experience the fair like everyone else, her contributions to 4-H and fair projects are beyond normal. Corrine’s exceptional talent for sewing makes her booth a “must-see” attraction.

Sewing her Way into the Fair

Like many 4-H participants, Corrine’s interest began with tradition. Her mother and grandmother were both 4-H members, and her grandmother was a camp counselor, so Corrine joined as soon as she was allowed. As an 8 year old 4-Her, Corrine fell in love with the experience and projects. Her sewing projects and love for cosplay eventually led her to costume design and she never looked back.

In addition to her mom and grandma, Corrine enjoys the support of her siblings and her aunt Bethanne, who has helped her with her sewing projects. While Corrine doesn’t show animals, her siblings do. This gives her even more time and opportunities to explore all the fair has to offer.

The Pure Joy of the Fair Experience

Corrine is in love with the looks, sounds and atmosphere of the fair. She gushes, “ I love how on one side you have all the animals and kids running around, then the other has rides and food. Plus all of the amazing fair booths that show off everything 4h has done this year! I think the biggest thing I’ll miss is just being able to walk around in a familiar place that makes me happy.”

This summer, Corrine’s booth will feature her costume design project. She made the patterns herself and has been working on it for months. Fairgoers will be delighted as they step into her world of characters and cosplay.

An Animated Future

This fall, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia will welcome Corrine as a student in their 2D animation program. While Corrine’s attention will turn to her studies and life in College, she still plans to finish her final 4-H year. This may be a new chapter in Corrine’s life, but she will continue to use the skills she’s acquired and be grateful for her decade of experience with 4-H and the Tuscarawas County Fair.

“My entire life I’ve wanted to be an artist. I love art so much and cartoons were my favorite. Even now animated movies and shows are mostly what I watch! At some point I discovered how cartoons were made and fell in love. I think that 4h will help me for sure, especially when it comes to having a deadline and being creative!!”

Corrine offers this advice for youth, “4h is a great program and I think that no matter how involved in fair you are, look into the older youth programs that 4h provides. There are so, so many opportunities out there that can help you in the future!”

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