Reflections on Enduring Hard Seasons

Enduring hard seasons can be challenging. Reflecting on the struggles of our foster care journey has provides a renewed perspective. 

The Roller Coaster
Our journey in foster care thus far has been a consistent roller coaster. The highs of developing relationships, reaching milestones, and celebrating achievements are life giving. However, they are often met with behavior regressions, roadblocks in a case, and difficult situations to navigate. 

Reflecting on the Hard
Early this year I shared a post on my social media that I recently revisited. It can be a surreal experience to scroll back through my timeline and relive our journey. I was doing this just last night and going back just over a year takes me to pictures where the kiddos that have stolen my heart were not with us. I didn’t know their precious faces or their sweet little voices. Looking back gives me so much perspective when things are difficult. 

This past Christmas season at the end of 2022 was one of our hardest seasons thus far. We’re facing some challenging things now, but now the difference of just 6 months seems like a lifetime. I’ll share the post from that season below. I hope that it serves as an encouragement for you to persevere through the hard seasons and step in when others are fighting for their joy. 

Christmas Season 2022 – Movie Night
Christmas Season 2022 – Tuscora Park Place Lego Time
Post from December 26, 2022: 

Not going to lie. It has been a rough few weeks here in the Scally house. 

Holidays for kiddos in foster care are a big mix of emotions and triggers. Adding in sicknesses, a scheduled surgery for the little guy, and the messy but necessary rearrangement of bedrooms for the boys and it feels like nothing has been “routine”, leaving us feeling like we’re failing in providing the stability and structure these kiddos thrive in. 

Then Christmas. 

We woke up Christmas Eve with no water and the already trimmed down plans we had were thrown out due to weather. We’ve been fighting hard against a materialistic Christmas and losing the “family” part of this holiday felt heavy. 

But our Father knew what this family needed. We are still without water but the helpless and defeated spirit I was wrestling with is renewed. I’m thankful for our neighbors and friends that have become family. That love these kids and love us. That share their showers and their toilets and storm our home on Christmas Day with a feast. Because all this reminds me of how we are not alone. That we are part of a body that, when working together, does far more than any one part could do alone. 

In the chaos and the struggle so much beauty continues to happen and will happen. 

I don’t know what next Christmas will look like but I’m glad that 2022 looked like this.

Christmas Season 2022 – Recovery Snuggles

Thankful Perspective
I’m so thankful for the gifts of community and grace as we navigate this beautifully messy world. It has not been easy but every second has been so worth it. Thank you for being a part of it by following our journey and committing to learning more about the world of foster care.

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