REMINDER: Pandemic Food Assistance Ending

In 2021, Congress decided to temporarily increase SNAP benefits for recipients due to the Covid pandemic.  Each family on assistance was eligible for the maximum amount per the number of eligible people in their household.  That rule allowed many families to supplement their food purchases through the pandemic when the price of groceries went up and when work hours were shortened.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 signed into law last week is ending the additional allotment of food assistance to families at the end of February.  Recipients will no longer receive the additional food benefits at the end of each month, which provided the difference between what they were eligible for, and the full amount based on the number in the household.

Families need to understand these benefits were given due to the emergency declaration and were not ongoing benefits.  February will be the last month in which the additional allotments will be placed onto the EBT cards.  For more information, please visit this government website:

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