Rest, Rise, Repeat

Hi Mommas!!!

It’s been so long! I have been focusing a lot on our fabulous e-magazine, if you haven’t already subscribed on our website you need too! Lol

So within the last few months the world as we have known it-has been turned upside down, shifted and pulled from under us. It’s safe to say we are all embarking on a new journey, even if it’s just going to the grocery store. Nothing is the same anymore.

Author Napoleon Hill said it best “real courage shows best in the hour of adversity”. That makes me think of the hours we are living in now. These are times of adversity for us all. As a woman and a mother, I feel like these adverse times are pushing me to look at some areas of myself. I am looking at some of things adversity brings out in me and how it challenges my resilience.

While I’m not always please by what I see; sometimes I’m rushed, stressed and not as patient or balanced as I want to be.

What are these times showing you about yourself?

Rest, Rise, Repeat

What are you doing to cope and still see the best in yourself and to see your courage? I have been sleeping in! Well turns out my body needs rest! Literally my days are resting, rising to challenges and repeating the next day! When I am rested I tackle challenges and adversity with much more patience and resilience. I know that sounds simple and elementary but sometimes it’s the easiest things that help us the most. Drop me some comments on what you’re doing to keep yourself a float during these adverse times.

Be blessed mommas, May God’s Grace you and your families during this time and may you see your courage and strength. May you find new ways to rise to the occasion for yourself and your families! Amen!

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