Rooted in Our Community – Lifecare Offers Reduced Rate Program and Help Applying for Insurance Coverage

Lifecare Family Health and Dental Center is a provider for Medicaid and Medicare plans. We have a minimum co-pay with a Reduced Rate available.

Rooted in Our Community is brought to you by Lifecare Family Health and Dental Care. 

Discounts are effective immediately for qualifying patients. Patients interested in the Reduced Rate Program must complete an application with our Intake Specialists. Private insurance and self-pay are also accepted. Lifecare also has Certified Application Counselors on-site to assist with Marketplace for insurance, as well as completing Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid.

Lifecare Certified Application Counselors help navigate through the Health Insurance Marketplace if you don’t have insurance through a job, Medicaid, Medicare, or (CHIP) the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The Marketplace can help you get covered. What you pay for coverage depends on your income. You may even qualify for a premium tax credit that lowers your monthly insurance payment, and for extra savings on out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copayments. The plans are offered by private insurance companies with a range of prices and features. Open Enrollment runs from November 1st through December 15th. After December 15th, you can still enroll in health insurance if you qualify for the Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

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Ohio’s statewide Presumptive Eligibility provides uninsured residents with an advantage to receive immediate healthcare services through Medicaid if presumed eligible. Eligibility is based on Gross Income and House Hold Size. Presumptive Eligibility temporarily enrolls individuals and families in Medicaid or (CHIP) Children’s Health Insurance program. With a qualifying determination, Lifecare Certified Application Counselors, are conveniently able to assist in dual services by offering immediate access to healthcare, while assisting individuals on a path to ongoing healthcare coverage. For more information on Marketplace, Presumptive Eligibility, and Reduced Rates, contact Lifecare Certified Application Counselors and Intake Specialist for answers.

Lifecare Family Health and Dental Center Certified Application Counselors and Intake Specialists want you to stay healthy and get the care you need by having the coverage you deserve.

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