Safe Kids Worldwide Offers Interactive Car Seat Selection Guide

Rear-facing, forward facing or a booster? When is it time to change? Car seat tethers, a variety of buckles and proper installation. Selecting a car seat for your child can be stressful, but Safe Kids Worldwide is working to make it a little easier.

The organization that frequently provides news and information designed to keep kids safe and help parents do the same, has now launched the Ultimate Car Seat Guide.

On this website a parent can either search basic car seat tips such as purchasing, installing, choosing the right fit and deciding when it’s time to change. Or, a parent can enter the specific information to search car seat recommendations tailored to their child.

The website goes into extensive detail about the different car seats available, all of their components and instructions on how to properly install each one.

Buying tips include:  

1.) How to choose the right seat.

2.) Explanation of how each part works.

3.) Encouragement to read all labels.

4.) A reminder to avoid using or purchasing used car seats.

5.) A reminder to register your car seat.

Installation Tips Include:

1.) How to locate the best place in the vehicle.

2.) Using the seat belt or latch properly.

3.) Utilizing the ‘inch test.’

4.) A reminder to be aware of your car seat’s latch weight limits.

Right Fit Tips Include

1.) Information on the harness.

2.) Using the correct harness slots.

3.) Using the correct harness and belt placements.

4.) Utilizing the ‘pinch test.”

5.) Wearing winter coats while buckled in the car seat.

When to Change Tips Include:

1.) Encouragement to avoid rushing into the next car seat.

2.) A reminder to use a rear-facing car seat until the child is 2-years-old.

3.) Information on changing the car seat type over time.

4.) When it’s time to move to a booster seat.

5.) What to do with your old car seat.

Michaela Madison Reporting

(Photo/Information-Safe Kids Worldwide)


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