Sales Tax Holiday Back for Ohio this Weekend

(Ohio) – Parents can get a break on back-to-school items that will be exempt from Ohio’s sales and use tax.

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That annual holiday, which is a state law, is from Friday at 12 am through Sunday.

Tuscarawas County Auditor Larry Lindberg says this was created to give parents a break on school supplies.

“It is limited to articles of clothing that are $75 or less, it can’t be used for items used in a business, and school supplies also have a dollar limit [of] $20 is the maximum.”

He imagines it creates a slight burden on businesses due to the need for computer reprogramming, but Lindberg adds it’s also a loss for the state and county.

“Because we’re not receiving sales tax on purchases made for these items during the weekend. It’s more of a benefit for the community and helping out with the back-to-school [associated costs].”

Shoppers looking to tax advantage of the sales tax holiday need to also consider any restrictions for return policies at individual stores and it’s advisable to keep back-to-school item purchase receipts.

Another tip is to be cautious while online shopping when it comes to possible scams that may exist.

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