School District Bans Employees from Using Medical Marijuana

(Canton, Ohio) – The Canton City School District Board of Education recently voted to deny their employees the right to use medical marijuana.

The move came during a regularly scheduled BOE meeting this month and includes all employees, even those that may have a qualifying illness or disability by state law. Officials added medical marijuana to the district’s drug-free workplace policy and described the issue as “complicated.”

Medical marijuana, although legalized by state law, is still illegal federally. BOE Vice President, Eric Resnick, noted in the meeting that he would approve the ban, however; he understands medical marijuana can provide relief to people with qualifying conditions.

The state law explains that there is nothing in the bill which, “requires an employer to permit or accommodate an employee’s use, possession or distribution of medical marijuana.” House Bill 523 also allows employers to discipline or terminate employees who violate the policy.

The medical marijuana dispensaries were originally set to open this month, but reports indicate it may not be until December or even March 2019.

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