Second Flu Wave on the Way, Especially Bad for Young Children

The Centers for Disease Control is reporting a second flu strain expected to make its way across the country.

Sick KidThe CDC’s weekly flu report published on March 17th suggests while the number of cases involving the A-strain of the flu continues to decrease, more cases of Flu Virus B are starting to appear.

This means a second wave of the flue could be on the way. Health officials note that even if your little one has already tackled the A-strain, the B-strain could be next, and it could be just as severe. Officials also note influenza B is often harder on young children.

Overall, the CDC is reporting an additional 5 flu-related pediatric deaths during week 11, bringing the total number of flu-related pediatric deaths across the country to 133 for the 2017-2018 flu season.

The CDC does note that seeing a second virus strain gain traction late in the flu season isn’t unusual.

The CDC routinely recommends influenza vaccination for everyone 6 months of age and older. Parents are also encouraged to make sure their children vigorously wash their hands consistently, avoid people who are sick and avoid touching their mouths, eyes, and noses.

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