Silver Lining 

I am a huge advocate of silver linings, situations that arise are never by chance. Whether you believe in Jesus, the universe, karma or good vibes – we all have our own thoughts.

I pride myself on finding the good in the world, in people, in pretty much anything. There are a plethora of situations I do not necessarily support, but can certainly be open-minded enough to look and see other avenues and why people take them.

I exhaust myself trying to figure out why life turns and twists the way it does, but there are moments that explode with a cloud of clarity.

For example, my family has been roped into dealing with some very sensitive issues that I won’t speak details of, but it is an emotionally taxing experience for us and has been for a long time.  I’m swimming in a pool of bitterness, trying to look beyond the tide, praying for an answer.

In that moment of prayer, my son came to my thoughts. At school the past few weeks, he was rewarded with a treat for helping a young child on the playground. Everyone was running passed him but my son chose to stop. He nonchalantly said “Hey, are you Ok? Do you need some help,” to which the young child replied “Yes” and he helped him up. He wore that badge with pride as he came home and showed me the pack of skittles he received for being kind.

A few days later, he told me of another incident that wasn’t caught by an adult. He said a younger boy had an accident on the playground and was being made fun of. My son is not the type to be confrontational, but at that moment, he worked up enough courage to walk over to the kids making fun of this boy and said, “Break it up.”

As we were walking later that day, he proceeded to tell me of a child his age who continues to pick on him. He said it bothers him because he calls him names and chases him daily at recess calling out threats.

I believe he came to my mind that day while I was in prayer, to show me that even though Payton was being bullied at school he didn’t let that affect how he treated others. Even after this child punched him, my son was upset, not because he was punched but because he shoved him back and was afraid he’d hurt him.

He didn’t let bitterness set in.

As an adult, while I’m lost in my anger, my son is finding it in himself to still show kindness.

To say I am humbled is an understatement.

He showed me my silver lining.

💜 Jess

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