STARK COUNTY – Fairless Local Schools announce 2020-2021 restart plan

(Navarre, Ohio) – The Fairless Local School district has announced plans to open schools for the upcoming school year.

Officials explained that  Fairless Local Schools will be offering two formats for students. The district will return to school in the traditional format (with many additional measures) five days a week. “We strongly believe the traditional format is the best educational learning model for most students,” officials stated in the public announcement.

Fairless Local Schools will also offer a Falcon Digital Academy virtual learning option to families/students who are not able to return to the traditional format at this time. Officials indicated it is important to note two items;

● Fairless Local Schools will work to decrease the likelihood of infection through additional hygiene, cleaning, and safety procedures recommended from the Health and Prevention Guidance. Please understand being in a public place has a certain level of risk that cannot be eliminated.
● The school district, in consultation with the Stark County Health Department, could elect at any time, to return to remote learning if cases within the school(county) begin to escalate to a level 3 or level 4 public emergency.

The district is requiring all parents to complete the electronic Education Learning Option survey designating their choice for their child(ren) by July 29, 2020. If you need assistance in completing the survey, please call Connie Horton at 330-767-3577 or email

Officials also indicated, that while the details are subject to change, the following items are of note:
● All school employees will wear face coverings.
● The first day for students will be August 20. This will allow some additional time for staff to plan and prepare. Small group orientation of students and their parents for Kindergarten will begin August 24 through the 27th. Parents will receive your date and schedule from the elementary office. All kindergarten students will report to school on August 28th.
● In high-use areas and high-touch surfaces, a strict daily cleaning protocol will be followed. This includes busses, cafeterias, restrooms, classrooms – all areas used throughout a school day.
● Parents are expected to perform a health assessment each morning to ensure an appropriate temperature (below 100 degrees) and the child is feeling well before they get on the bus or are dropped off. If a student is exhibiting any symptoms they are not to attend school until they are symptom-free for 72 hours (without medication).
Students will attend school daily for full days, with the following adjustments:

○ TRANSPORTATION: Face coverings will be required for all students on the bus
○ BUILDINGS: Face coverings will be required for all students while inside school buildings (physical education, lunch, and recess are exempt from this requirement). Face covering breaks may be given throughout the day.
○ SOCIAL DISTANCING: We will maximize social distancing as much as possible.
○ BREAKFAST/LUNCH: Foodservice will follow guidelines such as no self-serve foods,
individual packaging of condiments, etc., and spacing in serving lines. In some cases,
areas other than the cafeteria may be used for tables and seating. Lunch periods may be
altered to allow for spacing.
○ HYGIENE: Frequent handwashing will be part of the daily routine. Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
○ Drinking fountains will be closed. Students may bring water bottles and/or use filling
○ Arrival and dismissal procedures may be refined to avoid congestion in any one area.
○ Recess may be altered so playground areas are utilized safely and with fewer students at one time.

○ Transitions (between classrooms, going to the restroom, etc.) may be scheduled so as to
avoid congestion in the halls and crossover with groups of students. Throughout the
buildings, directional arrows and signage may be utilized.
○ Most field trips and special programs/assemblies will be postponed or cancelled.
○ Visitor and volunteer access to a school building will be limited.

Furthermore, expect additional guidance on the following:

● Reporting requirements in the event positive cases are identified among a staff member or a student. Protocols are in place with the Stark County Health Department for contact tracing, quarantine, and return-to-school guidelines.
Lastly, we will be sharing information on the following in the coming weeks:
● Details about open houses and orientations
● FAQ about the start of school (which will spell out in more detail all the items outlined above).

The full plan can be found here.

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