Stark County law enforcement to monitor bus routes

(Canton, Ohio) – The Stark County Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies are once again participating in the annual National School Bus Safety Week as part of their ongoing dedication to ensure the safety of our most valuable assets, our children.

The awareness campaign will take place October 19th, 2020 through October 23rd, 2020 and this year’s theme is “Red Lights Mean STOP!”

During the week of the awareness campaign, citizens will see law enforcement officials in cruisers along bus routes across multiple districts. Law enforcement officials will also be visible at many school zones making sure motorists are following Ohio’s traffic safety laws.

Motorists are reminded to use caution around school buses and come to a complete stop when the bus is displaying its red flashing lights. Children will be getting on or off the school bus and may need to cross the street. Ohio law requires motorists to stop clear of the school bus until the bus driver turns off the red lights.

“The safety of our children is our priority, and we are dedicated to ensuring that is upheld,” explained Sheriff George T. Maier. “We are proud to again participate in this collaborative effort.”

Additional agencies working in conjunction with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office include Marlboro Township Police Department, Uniontown Police Department, Brewster Police Department, Minerva Police Department, East Canton Police Department, Louisville Police Department, North Canton Police Department, Canal Fulton Police Department, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol.


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