Stark County Parenting Time Order Program

The Stark County Fatherhood Coalition is sharing information about how non-custodial parents can fight for their right to see their children.

The organization recently published information about the Parenting Time Order Program via social media.

“Being a responsible father is not just about financially supporting your child, it is also about being an involved, active parent who plays a daily part in your child’s life,” noted officials via the informative flyer.

Officials add that the program could offer free legal services to those in need of help establishing or enforcing a parent time order.

If a parent has been denied parenting time with a child, and cannot afford legal assistance to establish a parenting time order in court, or to enforce compliance with an existing order, the Parenting Time Order Program may be able to help.

Parents may qualify for assistance if their income level is at or below the 250% poverty level and if they are not a domestic violence risk.

Michaela Madison Reporting.



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