Study – About Half of Lower-Income Americans Report Household Job or Wage Loss Due to COVID-19

A recent study published by the Pew Research Center indicates only 23% of families across the country say they have emergency funds that would last them three months.

A new Pew Research Center survey found that the impact continues to fall more heavily on lower-income adults. According to the findings, 43% of U.S. adults now say they or someone in their household has lost a job or taken a cut in pay due to the outbreak, up from 33$ in the latter half of March.

The study indicates that the number is even higher among lower-income adults where 52% say they or someone in their household has experienced job unsteadiness. Additionally, lower-income adults are less prepared to withstand a financial shock than those with higher incomes. The study found that about one-in-four (23%) say they have rainy day funds set aside that would cover their expenses for three months compared with 48% of middle-income and 75% of upper-income adults.

Furthermore, researchers found 53% of lower-income adults say they will have trouble paying some of their bills this month where about a quarter of middle-income adults and (11%) of those in the upper-income tier say the same.

Pew Research Center added that given these financial constraints, more than half of adults who expect to receive a direct payment from the federal government for coronavirus stimulus payments say they plan to use the majority of that money to pay bills or cover other essentials.

These are among the findings of a Pew Research Center survey of 4,917 U.S. adults conducted April 7-12, 2020, using the Center’s American Trends Panel.

Read the full study here.

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