Summer Slide to Summer Surge

An education expert is sharing information on how to prevent summer learning loss, while still having fun.

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In a press release, Jake Neuberg shares shocking facts about the amount of knowledge kids actually lose over the course of the summer months. But, he also offers a few ideas on how to bring learning loss to an end

Neuberg, Revolution Prep Co-Founder notes in the press release that summer is admittedly time for “students to relax, shut off their brain and finally have a little time for rest and vacation.”

He notes that while this may sound great, the first day back to school comes quickly and year-after-year students experience summer learning loss; otherwise known as summer slide.

Neuberg explains, “on average, students lose approximately 2 and a half months of math and 2 months of reading skills during summer break.”

That means statistics also suggest it can take up to two months from the first day of school for students’ brains to get back on track.

Neuberg says this essentially makes summers off “one of the most important, yet least acknowledged, causes of underachievement in schools.”

Now, Neuberg does not just point to all of these issues without offering possible solutions. He even says continuing education throughout the summer can be fun, easy and take a lot less time than parents think.

As previously mentioned, Neuberg is the Co-Founder of Revolution Prep, the leading online provider of innovative educational tools for students from elementary school to college.

A few tips he offers within the press release include:

  1. Reading –

    • Help your child foster a love of reading by making reading a family activity

    • Promote active reading. Reading comprehension is at the heart of academic success. Jake shares advice on how to retain skills by tapping into areas of interest and utilizing non-fiction materials.

  2. Math –

    • Learn how to help your student develop a love for math. Many kids are afraid of math  – tips to show them that math is fun, useful and used all the time.

    • Math skills are cumulative; don’t let summer slide hamper success. Being a strong math student is important – the reasons why will surprise you.

  3. Mindset –

    • Tactics used to curb against summer slide can and should be used year round. Jake talks how to teach children to have a growth mindset, set ambitious goals and be enthusiastic about pursuing them.

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