Survey Finds Parents Miss Key Windows for Brain Development & Academic Growth


A recent survey is urging parents and guardians to read aloud to their children ahead of the nationally recognized Read Aloud Month, which is March.

According to the results of the survey, fewer than 15% of parents are taking advantage of key opportunity in their child’s development by spending 15 minutes a day reading aloud from birth.

Researchers note that means as many as 3.4 million babies are missing out on what pediatricians and other professionals call a basic building block for brain development.

The survey was conducted by YouGov for Read Aloud 15 MINUTES and found that fewer than half (42%) of parents read aloud to their children every day, and only 40% do so for at least 15 minutes.

Officials note in a press release that reading aloud plays a vital role in a child’s brain development, cultivating the language and literacy skills necessary for school readiness.

The survey did indicate more parents are reading aloud daily to their children from birth, 66% of them stop once the child reaches school age (6-8).

Experts explain that an inability to read well hinders a child’s education, and kindergarten readiness is in a crisis; in many states, more than one in four children begin kindergarten without the proper language skills.

Additionally, researchers add in the press release, by third grade, when there is a shift from learning to read to reading to learn, many children will be left behind if they do not continue to improve their reading skills – many of which come from parents reading to and with them.

Today, March 2nd, is Read Across America Day and is part of this month’s awareness campaign, Read Aloud Month – Read Aloud 15 MINUTES.

Officials note the goal is to bring together a diverse coalition of national partners and more than 10,000 grassroots partners in all 50 states to raise awareness among millions of parents and caregivers nationwide to read aloud to their children starting at birth and continuing until age 8.

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