The Cicadas are Coming!

The cicadas are coming- May 2021 will be the time for the mass gathering of these large, loud insects with billions predicted all over Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has explained about the “Brood X” cicadas about to emerge.


  • Most likely this upcoming May 15th weekend they will begin to emerge.
  • 8 inches underground, the temperature needs to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • ODNR explains, “After mating, female periodical cicadas use their saw-like ovipositors, or egg-laying appendages, to cut slits into the stems and branches of trees and shrubs. They will deposit dozens of eggs into the openings. Several weeks later, the tiny newly hatched nymphs drop to the ground and burrow into the soil, where they feed on tree and plant roots and develop for 17 years.”

Cicada Behaviors

  • Not harmful (does not bite or sting nor is poisionious).
  • 5 days after hatching, the males start “singing” a cricket-like sound to attract females.  The songs can be as loud as a lawnmower-about 10 decibels.
  • They “molt” and leave their exoskeleton on tree bark.
  • They only live for a few weeks and should be gone by July.

Last Cicada sightings

  • Ohio’s Country Journal Ag Net predicts, “The largest concentrations of these cicadas is expected in the following counties: Defiance, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Logan, and Montgomery. Brood X is one of the largest and most broadly distributed groups of periodical cicadas, stretching from Georgia to New York and reaching as far west as the Mississippi River.”
  • May of 2004 was the last large emergencies of cicadas in Ohio.
  • Traceback 17 years prior and the year was 1987, 1970, 1953, 1936, 1919

Fun Tracking!

Download the free Cicada Tracking app called Cicada Safari and take photos of cicadas near you.  There will be a live interactive map of where cicadas are!

*Hint if you're driving in Southern Ohio- keep the windows up 
as cicadas have been known to cause distractions when accidently 
flying into open ones.

Informative child-friendly cicada video!


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