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The Emoji Playbook: pt 1

Raising teens in the age of texting and social media is difficult. Consider this your alternative emoji playbook for when your teen seems “off.”

This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.

Kids and adults alike love using emojis. Just because your teen or young adult is constantly texting with lightning bolts, smiley faces, and crystal balls does not mean they are using, selling, or purchasing drugs. That said, teachers and other professionals are often told to look out for certain images and emojis when they have concerns over adolescent drug use. Some of the icons below may be a sign that your loved one is selling or using drugs.

Illegal Drugs

Mushrooms: 🍄
Cocaine: ❄️ 🌨️ ⛄ 💎 😛 🐡 🎱 🔑
Heroin: 🤎 🐉
Methamphetamine: 🔮 💙💎🧪
MDMA/Molly: ❤️ ⚡ ❌ 💊 🍬

Prescription Drugs

Xanax: 💊 🚆
Adderal: 💊 🅿️ 🔵 🍌
Oxycodone/Percocet: 💊 🍫 🚌

Buying/Selling Drugs

A large batch of drugs:🍪
High potency drugs: 🚀 💣 💥
Advertising Dealer:🤑 👑 💰 💵 🔌
The Universal symbol for drugs: 🍁

EmpowerTusc provides resources and assistance for families and individuals struggling with addiction. Visit their website at EmpowerTusc.com or give them a call at (330) 440-7319. You can also check out their list of local resources for those struggling with addiction, dependency, grief, anxiety/depression, and more.

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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