The Estate Sale


Years ago, I attended an Estate Sale advertised in the local newspaper. The location was near my home and it was a lovely day so I decided to walk to the sale.

As I walked to the address and could see the home, I noticed the streets were full of cars and people were walking around the old French Tudor-style home. I remember the anticipation and thinking this must be some sale.

From a distance, I could see large mature trees in front of the home. The roof had moss and tree branches lying on the shingles. The flowerbeds were overgrown but full of perennials peeking through the weeds. The yard was neatly mowed. I supposed for the sale taking place that day.

Overgrown hedges surrounded the rear of the home. As I entered the backyard, there were many tables set up with possible treasures that I might decide to buy. There were dishes, vases, and old photos. Silverware displayed in a beautiful box and a whole table of books! There were small appliances, wall art, and jewelry.

The inside of the home was completely furnished. Everything was for sale. As I walked from room to room, I wondered who this person was. I saw gently used new furniture in the living room. A favorite recliner I supposed. There were impressions on the wall where photos hung for many years. An old bookcase with glass doors must have been the home for all those books I thought. I wondered who lived here.

I returned to the tables outside. Collections of Avon and few pieces of Tiffany glass caught my eye. As I turned and looked at the old house from the backyard, it occurred to me this was so much more than just an old house.

This was someone’s home where they must have had children and raised their family. A home where children played and dinner was made. A home where there was love and family gatherings for the holidays. I realized this estate sale was so much more than the treasures I could find to purchase. I scanned the tables for clues about the owner. As I approached the book table, I saw a collection of gardening books. Gardening has always been one of my favorite things. I gladly purchased the collection of books.

Walking home from the estate sale that day, I was pleased with my find. I took away something more from the sale than treasures. Although I would never know their name, I had a feeling of knowing this person and appreciating their existence. I still have that collection of gardening books today and think about the day I purchased them.

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