The Grinch Has His Day in Court

(Massillon, Ohio) – Today Mr. Grinch went before Judge Edward Elum in Massillon, Ohio.

A full courtroom watched with smiles and giggles that were hushed. As the doors opened for one too green to know if he was flushed.

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office escorted The Grinch into the courtroom inch by inch.

There, he faced his charges of theft, breaking & entering and disrupting the peace. Judge Elum recited the accusations and it was time to decide, jail or release.

Stark County Sheriff George Maier, had a special report. To the surprise of all, the arresting Deputy showing support.

Deputy Elf noted the Grinch’s positive sightings. Food drives, donations, all bringing good tidings.

Then, in a flash it was back to the bench. The edges of their seats, everyone did clench.

Judge Elum turned to the jury of Christmas spirit as the verdict neared. Well, what do you think, he asked the Grinch’s peers?

In a cheer everyone said, don’t put him in jail, let him go instead.

And so, just as the story will say…the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes today.

Judge Elum released him from the Stark County Jail. But, with wishes his kindness will continue to prevail.

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