There is No Script: Your Teen and Marijuana

In Tuscarawas County, the Anti-Drug Coalition is working to share information with parents and guardians about how to talk to teens about marijuana.

On Tuesday, May 22nd, officials took to the organization’s Facebook page to acknowledge that the conversation can be hard and also to offer a few tips. They continue to offer tips and conversation examples via social media on a regular basis.

“Ultimately, there is no ‘script’ for talking with your teen about marijuana,” officials explained in the post.

The provided the following example when approaching the conversation:

YOU CAN SAY: “My concern is that things are changing quickly with some states legalizing marijuana, and that’s why it’s important that we talk about it. Would
that be okay?”

AND HERE’S WHY: Permission is essential to open communication, and makes your teen feel empowered within the dialogue. Be prepared for a possible response of “NO, I don’t want to talk.” If this happens, ask why. Then have him suggest a time when he would be willing to talk. 

Michaela Madison Reporting


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