Study: The Number of Working Moms Continues to Climb

In a research study published in 2017 experts focus on the question of many mothers: to have a career or stay home with the kids.

According to the statistics from 2008, the number of mothers engaging in the workforce nearly doubled from 47% in 1975 to 71% in 2008. However; researchers noted that despite more equal opportunity employment, employed mothers still face a number of obstacles, most often secondary to stereotyping and discrimination regarding gender in the workplace.

One of the myriads of obstacles mothers in the workplace face can be seen in this article published on, Wage Penalty for Motherhood-Switzerland.

According to, Miner et al., 2014, a resource cited in “The Psychological Aspects of Motherhood,” employed mothers were found to have lower wages, lower likelihood of being hired, lower likelihood of being promoted and were often perceived as having less competence and dedication compared to their male peers.

However; despite the very real challenges mothers face, many still choose to work outside the home.

The research concluded that ultimately, however; the decision to work after delivery is a personal decision that may depend on finances, personal desires, cultural expectations and beliefs regarding parenting.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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