Together We Rise – Meet The Muckley Family

Having a passion for helping those in need, improving the community, and sharing God’s love, the Muckley family felt called to become foster parents.

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Since 2003, the Muckley family has been involved with the Stark JFS agency. After raising four biological children of their own, they came to understand the need for safe, loving homes for children in foster care. Within their home, they have hosted over 60 foster children with varied length of stays. They report having no hesitations about becoming foster parents as they knew God was leading them to do so.

When children come to stay in their home, their hope is always for them to be reunited with their biological families or relatives. They enjoy spending time with them until they are able to return home or transition to an adoptive home. At times, the uncertainty causes many emotions for the family, pure joy or excruciating heart ache, but their bonds with their foster children continue even after they no longer reside within their home. The Muckley Family have regular weekend visits with previous foster children and get yearly updates from several adoptive families.

The Muckley parents are not only foster parents, they are adoptive parents, as well. Adoption was not in their original plans, and they state adoption is a lifelong relationship and commitment that should not be taken lightly. When within a year of having their license, a biological parent asked them to her adopt her son just months before she passed away, The Muckley family, hearts changed by the Lord, happily met her request. Since that adoption, the family has also adopted a set of twins who came to them after being born 12 weeks early and spending their first two months of life in the NICU. Also adopted, a seventeen year-old boy who is the oldest brother to the first child adopted by the family.

The Muckley biological children are now adults who have embraced the journey through foster and adoptive care, joining in and being involved in the process. The Muckley parents report they have been blessed to have many others – extended family, friends, and their church family – who have come alongside them and provided support.

Having acres in the country and room to run and play, the family enjoys spending time outdoors swimming in the pool, riding bicycles and go-karts, and interacting with their horses. To those debating about becoming foster parents, The Muckley family would say it is not for the faint of heart, yet it can be one of the most rewarding things in the world. There are countless children who, by no fault of their own, need someone to love and care for them. The Muckley parents feel a difference can be made in these children’s lives, and in turn, their futures can be made a little brighter.

The family feels four must be their lucky number as they  currently have four biological children, four adopted children, and a foster placement of four siblings. Mother of the family says, “Phew, it feels like we have a huge family.”



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