Trash into Treasure: Stark Parks’ Upcycle Art Contest Displays the Possibility of Creative Reuse

Upcycling turns what could be trash into treasurable art! Check out Stark Parks newest artwork display:


(November 15, 2023) Stark Parks, Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District, Ohio Ocean Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore Canton have teamed up once again to celebrate America Recycles Day with the Trash to Treasure contest.

Artists were challenged to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art using only recycled materials, including tires, electronics, cardboard, aluminum cans, newspapers, and magazines. The artwork will be showcased at the Exploration Gateway in the Canalway Center located at 5712 12th St. NW, Canton from November 18th through November 30th, with the winners receiving congratulations and recognition for their outstanding work.  Canalway Center is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  Closed on Thanksgiving and the day after.  Please visit or call 330-477-3552 for any questions.   


The Barn House K-4 winner
  1. The Barn House, Hollie Clapper (Taft Elementary) A Farm scene using cardboard, miscellaneous plastic trash, and paint.

  2. Recycled Fighter, Luca Stafford (Stafford Homeschool) An airplane made using plastic bottles, cups, bags and tape.

  3. Hotel Animals, Leah Crawford (Canton Montessori) A hotel for toy animals using Cardboard, glue, and tape.



Mad Hatter Costume (2) 5-8 winner

5th -8th

  1. The Mad Hatter Costume, Landrea Dennis (STEAMM Academy) A full Mad Hatter costume including jacket, hat, and pants all from recycled materials.

  2. The Mystery of Emily Daves, TaiJah Haysmer (STEAMM Academy) A miniature room made using wood, clay, and fabric.

  3. Case iH 8230, Sullivan Stafford (Stafford Homeschool) A recycled miniature combine made from cardboard, plastic bottles, and tape.


We’re all MAD here! 9-12 winner

9th -12th

  1. We’re all MAD Here!, Chloe Woodruff (GlenOak High School) A collage of Alice in Wonderland themed items made using bottles, metal scraps, toys, and paint.

  2. I’m Still Here…, Michael Bichsel (GlenOak High School) A collage of recycled computer parts circa 2010.




Sea Anemone class winner
  1. Sea Anemone (Louisville 5th Grade Recycling Club) A sea anemone made using plastic water bottles, pipe cleaners, and markers.

  2. Alliance City Schools or No Where (Alliance City Schools) A sign made using 9,792 plastic bottle caps, screws, and paint.

Circus Pony – adult winner


  1. Circus Pony (Susan Kurtz) A recycled pony statue decorated with broken earrings, buttons, chains and beads.

  2. Memories of the Eiffel Tower (Valerie Esmont) A recycled mirror decorated with a vintage stamp collection to depict the Eiffel Tower.

  3. 302 (Amber Ollis) A recycled veil decorated with 302 paper origami cranes.


About Stark Parks

Stark Parks manages 15 parks, 4 lakes, and over 120 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, totaling over 6,800 acres of land.  For more information on Stark Parks, visit

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