TUSCARAWAS COUNTY – Claymont announces plans for 2020-2021 school year

(Uhrichsville, Ohio) – Claymont City Schools is releasing the details for reopening in the fall.

The district took to Facebook on Friday, June 10th with the following statement and visual diagram on the plan.


“Our district’s task force planning team has been working since the beginning of June to formulate our plan. Last week, Gov. DeWine came out with guidance for schools to finalize their reopening plans. Along with state guidance, our district has used survey results to help formulate our plan. It has been a stressful time for our task force as our first priority is educating students and now trying to ensure safety of everyone. Thank you to our task force members!
Today our county is functioning at a Level 2, which for us educationally would mean we would be in face to face education. 4 days a week of face to face with Fridays as a remote learning day. If/when our county moves to Level 3, we would shift our educational plans to an A/B grouping. Each group would come to school for 2 days and the other 3 would be in remote learning options. Level 4 would mean all students would be educated remotely. Staff will be reporting on days of face to face and remote learning days.
The official start date of school is Sept. 8th.”

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