Tuscarawas County Family and Children First

Newsymom.com Author and Public Relations Manager, Jess Doane, is a proud member of the Tuscarawas County Family and Children First Advisory Board.

JessThe Tuscarawas County Family and Children First Advisory Board is a group of parent representatives and public and private agencies who believe that children and families are our county’s most valuable resource.  As a partnership of state and local government, agencies, communities, and families, we strive to enhance the well-being of our county’s children and families by building community capacity, coordinating systems and services, and engaging and empowering families.

Mission: To mobilize a network of funding and services for Tuscarawas County families and their children

Core Functions:

  • Building Community Capacity:  Mobilize child and family serving partners to address the needs of children and families through comprehensive planning to identify, prioritizes, and implement needed services to fill gaps
  • Coordinate Systems and Services:  Coordinate services and supports for individual families that require family-centered team planning, community involvement, pooled resources, and identification of existing and needed services.
  • Engage and Empower Families:  Recruit and support families to be active contributing members on the council and advocate on behalf of child and family.
  • Shared Accountability for Ohio Family & Children First’s Vision:  Monitor, evaluate, and communicate progress and successes to assure all children and families thrive and succeed within healthy communities.

Long-Term Commitments to Child Well-being: As we engage and involve our communities, we align our planning efforts with the six long-term commitments to child well-being identified by Ohio Family & Children First.

  • Expectant Parents and Newborns Thrive
  • Infants and Toddlers Thrive
  • Children are Ready for School
  • Children and Youth Succeed in School
  • Children and Youth Engage in Healthy Behaviors
  • Youth Successfully Transition to Adulthood

On the third Thursday of every month, Jess participates in the conversation, activism and spreading the awareness about the valuable work of this committee.

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