Tuscarawas County News: Total Number of Traffic Crashes Are Up Almost 2 Percent

Tuscarawas County News: Total Number of Traffic Crashes Are Up Almost 2 Percent – In one short year, the stats released from the Ohio State Highway Patrol crash dashboard have reported an uptick in crashes by 1.9% (approximately 46 more crashes in 2022 than 2021). Learn more about how and where these crashes are taking place in Tuscarawas County right here on Newsymom!

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The report is in! We’ve got the stats showing you exactly how and where the 1.9% uptick in traffic crashes seems to spring up the most.

There Are Some Problem Areas That Are Seeing a Rise in Crashes…

According to these stats, here are some problem areas in which we’re seeing a rise in incidents:

  • Alcohol-related accidents
  • Deer-related accidents 
  • Failure to yield
  • Mature driver (age 55+) related accidents
  • Speed related
  • Unbelted drivers/passengers
  • These Tuscarawas County routes saw the highest rate of crashes:
    • SR 39
    • I-77
    • US Route 250
    • SR 416
    • SR 800
The full release of findings within the last year of Tusc County’s 2022 Traffic Fatality Report.

…Meaning We Need to Remind the Community of These Safety Tips

Do not drink and drive.

Drink at home so you have no need to travel. If having a night out, call on a friend to be the designated driver, book an Uber/Lyft/cab to get you home, or reach out to family in case of an emergency to come to pick you up. If you see someone drunk driving or about to get in the car, call 911 immediately with the description of the vehicle, person, and location.

When you see a deer on the road, brake and stay in your lane! Don’t swerve.

Why shouldn’t you swerve? You could hit someone in the next lane, swipe a guardrail, or lose control of your vehicle. Additionally,

    • In the early morning and late at night when it’s dark outside, use your high beams to see further ahead.
    • Be mindful of deer crossing signs.
    • Honk your horn if you see stirring along the sides of the road. You can use your horn to scare animals away!
    • If you follow the steps and still hit a deer or other animal, pull over to the shoulder or side of the road if you can. Flash those hazards!

Review the Ohio BMV Handbook on proper protocols for who has the right-of-way in various situations.

Do not perform “rolling stops” at stop signs or red lights. Be mindful of yielding when appropriate.

If you’re a mature driver and suspect your vision, health, or medication is interfering with your ability to safely operate a vehicle, visit your local BMV to ask about a driving evaluation. 

Have an elderly family member who should give up their license?

Have a talk with them about surrendering their license. Be factual, but tactful! Disrespect will make their world seem even smaller after losing such a privilege.

  • For those who have loved ones that refuse to “give up their freedom” after the initial discussion, speak with them about how you will help them with groceries, get them access to transit, hire mobile/delivery services for them, etc.
  • If they’re about to get in the driver’s seat, stop them from driving at all costs. Take away the car keys, disable the car, and anonymously report them to the BMV.

And don’t forget to always wear your seatbelt!


Would you like to learn the best local tips for driving safely in Tuscarawas County? If so, check out this “On the Road to Safety: Driving Tips to Protect Your Loved Ones,” podcast as Jennifer Demuth, Director of Health Promotion with the Tuscarawas County Health Department, talks with featured guest, Kelly Snyder, Health Educator and Safe Communities Coordinator with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

Taking all of these precautions will ensure we all get to our destinations, safely!

Join the Safe Communities Coalition

​You should join the Safe Communities Coalition if one or all of the following apply to you:

  • You would like a safer community
  • You would like to increase traffic safety awareness
  • You are a local EMS, Fire, or Law enforcement staff member or volunteer
  • You have a business in Tuscarawas County
  • You have been affected by drunk driving, distracted driving, impaired driving, and/or not using a seat belt.

You can join the Safe Communities Coalition by calling the Tuscarawas County Health Department at (330) 343-5555 x. 1530 or shoot an email out to healthed@tchdnow.org. Visit online at www.tchdnow.org to see more of the amazing services they offer to keep your family safe!

Following along on Facebook (@tchdnow) guarantees you’ll get the latest news and safety tips to keep Tuscarawas County safe and sound!

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