Tuscarawas County one of Three in Ohio Aligned with Recent Custody Data

(Ohio) – Recent research suggests children may fare better when given equal time with both parents in cases of divorce or separation.

The Ohio Parenting Time Report indicates while a few counties in Ohio have parenting time rules that are in sync with the latest data, co-author Donald Hubin, director of the Center for Ethics and Human Values, notes many do not.

Currently, 64 of Ohio’s 88 counties have parenting time schedules that are unlike those recommended by the data published in the report. In many of these policies one parent may only see the child for 48 hours in a two-week period, or every other weekend with the potential for 2-3 hours mid-week as well.

Tuscarawas County is just one of three counties in the state, joining Ashtabula and Jefferson, that provides default schedules that offer equal parenting time. Authors of the report note the negative effects of divorce or separation on children could be minimized should the custody arrangements be handled appropriately. Researchers have suggested that counties update their default plans to ensure they are supported by the latest data and consider the best interest for the child.

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