TUSCARAWAS COUNTY – Strasburg-Franklin Local Schools announce restart plan

(Strasburg, Ohio) – The Strasburg-Franklin Local School District is offering families the choice between two learning formats for the 2020-2021 school year.

Officials have confirmed plans for the district to return to traditional instruction, with appropriate safety measures, five days a week. “We strongly believe the traditional format is the best learning model for most students,” they explained in a letter to parents polished to the district’s website. However, the district is also offering a remote (online) learning option to families and students who are not able to or choose not to return to the traditional format at this time.

Officials also indicated the following:

  • The district is committed to decreasing the likelihood of infection and keeping the community safe through additional hygiene, cleaning, and safety procedures. Additional precautions will be implemented and officials note that because school is a public place, a certain level of risk cannot be eliminated.
  • The district, in cooperation with the Tuscarawas County Health Department, could select at any time, to return to remote learning should cases within the school or county begin to escalate to a severe risk lively. The Hybrid Model in the plan is an example of an option the district may use in those situations.
  • There will be daily cleaning with protocols in place and includes buses, restrooms, classrooms, and cafeteria.
  • Parents will be asked to perform a health check every morning to ensure their child has appropriate temperature (below 100 degrees F) and the child is feeling well and not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms before they get on a bus or are dropped off at school.
  • Students should plan on attending school full days, with the following safety protocols and adjustments in place:
    • Transporation – Face coverings (masks0 will be required for all students on buses.
    • Buildings – All K-12 students will be required to wear face coverings (masks) while inside the building. Face covering breaks will be given during the day.
    • Social Distancing – All classrooms will plan to maximize the greatest possible social distancing.
    • Cafeteria – Lunch periods and seating will be altered to allow for spacing. Classrooms may need to be used in some cases. “We strongly encourage parents to lessen the use of case as much as possible,” officials added.
    • Drinking fountains – Will not be available for student use. Students may bring their own water bottles. The district is currently investigating water bottle refill stations.

The district’s full plan can be accessed here.

Officials are also asking parents to complete a survey to assist in planning for the school year. Forms must be completed by July 21st, 2020.

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