Tuscarawas Schools COVID-19 Dashboard & Updated Mask Mandates

Tuscarawas Schools throughout the county are updating their COVID-19 dashboards to actively report positive cases in staff & students.

Individual schools are in charge thus far of COVID-19 protocols for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic school year.  They are taking recommendations from the Ohio Health department as well as the Stark County Health Department into consideration and plans are always subject to change.

CDC has recommended face coverings be worn on all school buses (or other modes of public transportation).

Ashland Schools are Mandating Masks

Tuscarawas County Schools

Tuscarawas Co. Schools COVID-19 Dashboards are being updated regularly.

Buckeye Career Center:  COVID Community Letter located at the top of website states, “…as of today, September 3, 2021 we have 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in students and staff at Buckeye Career Center.”  No active dashboard is located on their website but they appear to be updating with letters, there is no mask mandate stated in the letter.

Claymont Schools: Covid Cases Dashboard 10 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.  Facial Coverings are currently optional as of 9/3/21
As of 8/27/21 Masks will not be required as we return to school. Those who wish to wear a mask will be allowed to do so.” 

Dover City Schools: COVID-19 Reporting Data 10 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.
“Mask wearing is permitted and may be recommended in some settings; however, it will not be required.”

Garaway Local Schools: Garaway COVID-19 Dashboard 4 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.  2021/2022 Return to In-Person Instruction does not mention masks presuming they are not required.

Indian Valley Local Schools: Covid-19 Dashboard 8 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.“Unless required otherwise by a governmental entity that has jurisdiction over Indian Valley Schools, masks will not be required, but will be permitted. “

New Philadelphia City Schools: COVID-19 Dashboard 3 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.
“At this time, New Philadelphia City Schools do not require masks for students and staff. However, based on health guidelines, we strongly recommend that unvaccinated staff and students wear a mask while indoors. Masks can provide an extra layer of protection and may be helpful in reducing the need to quarantine if there is an exposure to a COVID-19 positive case.”

Newcomerstown Exempted Village Schools: Covid-19 Dashboard 8 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21. Face masks will not be required at this time for students, grades Preschool – 12th, (or staff) during regular instruction and activities on school grounds. We will continue to consider the guidance provided by the county and state and follow any executive orders. The administration will notify parents of any changes to this policy. Individual students and staff may still choose to wear face masks and will not be discouraged from doing so. “

Sandy Valley Local School District: COVID-19 Dashboard 10 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21.  “With the recent spike of active cases and quarantines at Sandy Valley, we will now require masks for students and staff beginning Tuesday, September 7th, while “indoors.”

Strausburg-Franklin Local Schools:  COVID-19 Dashboard 4 active cases in the district as of 8/29/21.  Facial coverings for all students and staff in the Strasburg-Franklin School District for the 2021-2022 school year are welcomed, but not required.

Tuscarawas Valley Local School District:  COVID-19 Dashboard 3 active cases in the district as of 9/3/21. “Unless facial coverings are specifically required by the Governor, Tusky Valley welcomes children and staff members to make informed decisions in their best interest.  Masks are welcomed, not required. “

The information included in this article was researched 9/3/2021. The information is subject to change and readers are encouraged to check with their appropriate districts directly to confirm.

Ashland Co. Schools COVID-19




The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a nationwide tracker where community transmission is being tracked.  By hovering over a county one can immediately see if the transmission is low, moderate, substantial, or high in any given county.

At the beginning of August 2021, Tuscarawas County was considered to have moderate  transmission by the CDC. Surrounding counties are ranked high or substantial currently.

Ashland Co. Schools COVID-19

One month later, the beginning of September 2021, every county in Ohio has now been rated at a “high” level of transmission.

Tuscarawas Co. Schools COVID-19

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