Tuscarawas Youth Say Y.E.S. to Summer Jobs!

Tuscarawas youth aged 16-24 have an opportunity to begin a summer job and carry it through the fall with HARCATUS Tri-Couty CAO.

The Tuscarawas community is fortunate to have a dedicated team caring for and training the next generation with HARCATUS Tri-County CAO.

Tuscarawas youth 16-24

The Program

  • Participants work up to 40 hours per week during the summer.

    • In-school participants learn in a classroom setting for 4 hours per week, during the school year.
    • Out-of-school participants generally stay with the program for up to 16 weeks.
    • All participants earn $10.12 an hour and get hands-on help from Youth Life Coaches with:
      • Reading & Understanding Financial literacy
      • Leadership Skills
      • Resume Writing
      • Interview Practice
      • Career Development
      • Pre-Employment Skills 
    • Additionally, the Y.E.S. program can provide supportive services including but not limited to, transportation to and from class and work sites, work-related clothing and equipment, driver’s permit and licensing reimbursement, and interview clothing.

Tuscarawas youth 16-24HARCATUS Runs the Extra Mile

Tuscarawas youth 16-24-year-old participants remain in contact with Y.E.S. staff for one year beyond their completion of the program to ensure that they remain on track to meet their future goals.

Potential Employment Locations

Tuscarawas youth 16-24

  • Y.E.S. participants will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings. HARCATUS’ YES program has worksite agreements with private employers, public schools, and non-profit agencies.

  • HARCATUS’ Y.E.S. program consistently explores potential new worksites related to participant’s career goals and at request from local employers/organizations.


  • Resident of Tuscarawas County 
  • Ages 16-24
  • Must live in a low-income household as defined by Federal Poverty Guidelines and 
  • Have one or more of the following barriers to employment; 
      • high school drop-out  
      • homeless or in foster care
      • basic skills deficient (scores under 9.0) 
      • involved with the justice system (past or present and can include probation, court, convictions, etc.)
      • fired from previous employment, never employed, never worked more than 90 days with an employer 
      • lack of reliable transportation.

HARCATUS Tri-County C.A.O., Inc, is a non-profit corporation that serves Harrison, Carroll, and Tuscarawas countiesIts mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and
families by minimizing the effects of poverty, promoting self-sufficiency, and advocating for positive change.

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