U.S. – Majority of parents favor full-time, in-person school in the fall according to survey

(U.S.) – More than half of parents say they are ready for their kids to return to a full-time, in-person school schedule in the fall.

A poll conducted by Gallup showed 56% of parents supported the idea of returning to the classroom with 37% favoring a hybrid program that would include both in-classroom and distance learning. Seven percent of those who participated in the survey indicated a preference for full-time distance learning for their kids.

“Parents’ concern about the coronavirus is largely influencing their preferences, mainly whether they favor full-time, in-person attendance or a partial remote learning/partial in-person attendance model,” Gallup stated in its analysis of the results. Researchers continued, “This may indicate that parents are attempting to balance their children’s safety with their possible concerns about their children’s academic progress.”

While parents seem torn about how to approach the upcoming school year, there was one thing they all seemed to agree on, remote learning wasn’t easy. 56% said it was “difficult for their household with 16% describing it as “very difficult.” 44% said it was easy and eight% described remote learning as “very easy.” Working parents, however, found it particularly hard, with 60% indicating it was difficult compared to 44% of nonworking parents.

The Gallup poll was based on web surveys conducted May 25th – June 8th and included a  sample of 1,202 parents of U.S. K-12 students. Newsymom also conducted an informal, social-media based survey asking the question “What are your thoughts on schools reopening in the fall? Continued restrictions or normal schedules.”

Of the roughly 34 comments, approximately 84% of local moms, Newsymom readers, indicated they want school schedules to return 100% back to normal even citing full 5-day school weeks. While 10% of post commenters noted the understanding and need for regular school schedules but felt concerns regarding the health of their kids and their families. And less than 1% of comments showed 100% of remote-only learning options in the fall.

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  2. I would prefer my kids not return to in-person school because of Covid 19 concerns, but I have no choice because I am a single, working mother.

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