United Way of Greater Stark County to host a virtual college planning seminar

For high school students, planning for college is much more than filling out an application.

It’s an exciting – and at times challenging – process. But with the right help, we can make it a little easier.

United Way of Greater Stark County’s Young Leaders Society is hosting a virtual College Planning Seminar for high school seniors and their families. Presented by Courtney Johnson-Benson, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at The University of Akron, this seminar will cover a variety of college planning topics, as well as a Q&A session at the end of the event. We’ll provide information on:

  • Majors and educational programs
  • Cost and financial assistance
  • Type of schools and degrees offered
  • Admission policies
  • College affiliation and accreditation
  • Campus activities
  • Support services

Register for this free event by Friday, November 6 at 8:00 pm. There is limited space, but a recording will be shared following the event in case you weren’t able to register in time. Families are encouraged to participate along with the students.

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