Until The Water Runs Cold

Hey Mommas. It’s been sometime and quiet frankly I haven’t had much to say. Life has had its grip on me and I haven’t had much time to be alone with my thoughts.

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 But our duties and dedication to our families and our children don’t stop. It can be hard to “momfess” when every area of your life is whirling. So today’s momfession is my quid pro quo answer to the question “How to handle life issues and still parent”. My answer- long showers. Like the kind you take so long the water ran cold.

Now I know I’m not the first mom to cry in the shower and I won’t be the last. So hear me out. The past year has been extremely challenging, mentally and emotionally. Life has a way of breaking you down and challenging the strength inside of you. It was hard for the last four months to pull myself together some days for my kids. Then I realized, one day they’ll know me, they may even be able to pin point these exact moments of my struggle. So if you’ve cried or broken down in front of your kids, trust it’s ok. However I wanted to find a place or a second of release for myself. So I started taking long showers after I put my kids to bed.

As the water ran down my face with my tears all the frustration and brokenness went with it but it wasn’t until water ran cold, that I got a cool reminder that the time for frustration and brokenness had come to an end. It’s time was up and so was mine. After that 1st one I found myself being more patient and even giving less room for broken thoughts. There’s a clarity in the power of the water. I found myself doing this day after day. It was necessary.

I hope that you take a long shower momma, and stay in long enough for the water to run cold. I hope you realize that what’s most important is that your kids know you are strong not because you suffer in silence BUT because you found a way to release. Find your release and see yourself being powerful because YOU ARE! Until next time! 

Until The Water Runs Cold

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