What can I say.

Have you ever had days that just leAve you exhausted and feeling very beat down? … yeah me either (total joke)!

Today I found myself up at 6am to get make up on and pick out clothes for the girls followed by tripping over the blankets in the hall and a child’s foot.

I work all day to rush to a fast food restaurant to buy something for the girls to eat. I get them from daycare only for them to complain I am not their grandma and whine because when they go home they will do school work and clean up for bedtime.

I get home and try and stay on task but the work calls flood in and I so deeply care for my clients and coworkers so I can’t deny the calls.

Meanwhile… I walk back into the kitchen to find my children fighting over markers that now reside on their hands face and clothes. I go to take it and I myself get to join their club.

I try to let it go but the anger kicks in and I fling the mess of art supplies on the floor only to instantly regret this and clean it up because I am not the Hulk and I can’t go smash.

I work on getting homework done for my daughter, while I am studying for my finals at the same time because why not add full-time college student on top of the teaching my children, working full-time, and trying to be the perfect mom/wife… Jack of all trades.

We finally get the kids in bed so I can take my test that takes me an hour and a half to complete because my two year old will not sleep. It is now 10:30a and while I am meditating and relaxing I realize my post for today is not done, and it hit me.

Impulsively I wanted to cry, but what can I say? I can say today I was successful, motivated, overwhelmed, determined. Today I was willing to look past the negative and chaos, only to continue pushing forward. Life can get really chaotic and feel overwhelming but you have to keep pushing through because you can say life sucks and be negative or you can say I won’t be negative so life doesn’t suck. I am grateful for how far I’ve come, and I will continue taking things day by day because what I have to say is just for today I made it as a mom wife employee and student.

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