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Hey Mommas! I’m back again. Last month I momfessed about new found love for  long showers. Yep, still take’em too, lol. I’m still preserving my inner peace and allowing the water to wash the residue away from all the things I have to battle daily. This month I wanna tie in something with that, by asking what’s on your mind?

Like every social media app asks you to share what’s on your mind every time you’re active. The algorithms they set for you are tailored to how you think and what you like to view. This is not a momfession lesson on social media lol I’m painting a picture that what we think about actually is in front of us all day. But when someone asks “What’s on your mind” it’s still such a loaded question that we stumble over the answer to. Maybe you don’t stumble over how to answer but I want to unpack a bit for the mommas who might. Because in all honesty, I still struggle answering that.

How does that tie into a long shower? Lol easy. What’s on your mind is usually it’s clearest during those moments of self care and reflection. I’ve found myself lately coordinating the best strategies during that time. And as moms the moments when we can think clearly are the moments we need to savor. With busy schedules and busy lives, the moments where we can clearly articulate and strategize what’s on our minds are powerful. There’s power in the strategy, there’s power in our clear minds. One of my favorite and first scriptures I taught my  children was 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but He has given us love, peace and a sound mind”. This is a favorite because I truly believe that God’s desire for us as mothers and women is to live according to the purposes  He has called us too and within the abundance His words says we can have. And yes long showers and sometimes heavy questions like “what’s on your mind” are both things the Lord can use to align your thoughts with His purpose and clear the clutter from your heart and mind so you can be filled with the abundance of His word. Love, peace and a sound mind is an abundance that we can sometimes be robbed of during our day to day shuffle and ups/downs of life. It’s so important to not miss the moments when you can clear your thoughts and set your mind in order. Our thoughts are powerful and Gods word empowers us to think thoughts that will give us life and allow the lives of our children to be enriched. Now please don’t think I’m writing with nativity. I’m not l. I understand the days where all the kids and dog have no act right. Like the days where everything is overwhelming and you have to cry to keep from screaming, or just yell and fuss until you can’t yell and fuss anymore. Those are the days when those long showers and asking yourself what’s on your mind are most important. And those are the days when you most definitely need all the abundance of love, peace and a sound mind. Lol those are the days that remind me that the struggle is real and caring for myself with clear thoughts is a must. They also make me appreciate the ways I’ve learned to lean into the abundance of God and not cling to the fear of wondering if times will get better or not. Because let’s be honest, sometimes we’re fearful that things won’t get better, no matter what it is, the kids, work, life etc. And that same fear makes hectic days much harder. It makes rushing seem like a normality when it doesn’t have to be-OK. Because rushing, being frustrated and being tapped out has become a normality, when it shouldn’t be.

I hope that you start seeing the abundance in 2 Timothy and recognize that what’s on your mind can be powerful, clear thoughts with strategy. I hope you start this week asking yourself what’s on your mind and saying God has not given me the spirit of fear, but love, peace and a sound mind before you answer! Be blessed mommas, until next time.

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