You can stop feeling guilty about extra screen time right now

We’ve been conditioned as parents to cringe at the thought of too much screen time for our kids, but lately, screens have become part of our new normal.

As social distancing and quarantine orders remain in place, many families have found that screen time has become an essential part of everyday life. With screens being prioritized for work, school, socializing, movies, and even grocery shopping.

According to Psychology Today, many parents and even health organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics have loosened their restrictions on screen time. The article in Psychology Today was co-authored by Sarah Coyne, a professor of human development at Brigham Young University and Kaelie Crockett, an undergraduate at Bringham Young University. Coyne explained in the article that screens now seem to be a way of life in the home.

The authors outlined the following positives to screen time right now:

  • Technology can help foster connection – The authors explained that technology allows us to stay connected when we are all so far apart. We can use Zoom, for example, not only for work conversations and meetings but to check in with loved ones and friends.
  • Technology can promote education – Parents, students, and teachers alike have been challenged to transition from traditional forms of education to distance learning, but technology has stepped in to help with the gap. Teachers can hold classroom meetings, easily share resources and assignments with students, and encourage other learning experiences.
  • Technology can entertain – This change in the way we live can be stressful and it is recommended that we all look for healthy distractions from time-to-time. Movies, TV shows, and games offer a great ‘escape’ when we are all forced to stay put.
  • Technology can help children cope with stress – Authors of the article go on to explain that the best way for children to handle stress is to adapt to the stressor rather than change it. Technology acts as a way to do that by using it to connect, learn, and entertain allowing children to reintroduce elements they may be missing in a new way.

Read the full article from Psychology today here.



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