DeWine Calls for Medicaid Overhaul During COVID Briefing

With affordable, accessible healthcare still very much at the forefront of the COVID-19 discussion, Governor Mike DeWine called for action during his latest briefing.

This news update brought to you courtesy of Newsymom news affiliate, WTUZ Radio.

Highlighting the need for a change within the state-run health system for the first time in a decade and a half, DeWine called Medicaid “essential” to healthy citizens.

According to the governor, the focus needs to be shifted to the patients and residents, in efforts to improve care.

“From these conversations and in this process, we have developed a new plan. A new vision for Ohio’s Medicaid program. One that focuses on people and not just the business of managed care. A vision of what we hope will be a better, healthier, more productive state of Ohio.”

Applications distributed to businesses with Medicaid-eligible workers to gauge how the state can change their system for more efficient service. Managed-care plans will be distributed to residents within Medicaid for what DeWine called “healthier” Ohioans.

On the coronavirus side of the equation, Ohio is reporting 144,265 confirmed cases, along with 4,480 deaths labeled as COVID-related.

Over 131,700 residents are now presumed to be recovered from the virus.

Tuscarawas County reported 22 active cases Tuesday, with now over 900 recovered and five in the hospital.

Nick McWilliams reporting 

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