29 Things I’ve Learned At Age 29 

  1. You can love someone that doesn’t always possess the same views as you

2. You’re not always right

3. I don’t understand the hype of Sushi

4. Every obstacle of my life thus far has better prepared me for an incoming one

5. I can still sing the heck out of Aretha Franklin’s  R-E-S-P-E-C-T

6. Ramen noodles bloat me much faster than when I was 12

7. Two kids from the same parents can be polar opposites

8. Nothing can take the place of a lifelong best friend

9. It’s ok to have a small circle

10. “We’ll see” in mom words is almost always no

11. I’m still not sure when I’m supposed to feel my age

12. Fighting for your marriage is not a sign on weakness

13. Judge me for my skittles and airheads and you will be subtracted from #9

14. I’ll always need my mom

15. How much money I make is not how I measure success

16. Success is determined by how happy my family is

17. I turned out to be a better cook than I ever anticipated

18. Although, I can’t bake….AT ALL

19. God will center my life if I let him

20. I still have no desire to have a pet

21. My age has finally caught up with my dance moves. My signature move “the 29 year old mom”

22. I dance even if I look ridiculous

23. If someone or something invades my set boundries for my family. I reserve the right to remove us from the narrative

24. Some family memebers really are awful and it hurts finding that out.

25. Some family members really are incredible and are my rock, safe place, and shoulder to lean on.

26. It’s time to take my health more seriously

27. I love to see people laugh

28. Acknowledging retirement plans is a real thing now

29. My true happiness in life comes from the ability to listen to God, watch my kids grow, front porch sit, and a phone call to my mom or best friend – with those few things, everything else falls in to place

Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday today or took the time to send a Happy Birthday message, it was a beautiful day !

💜 Jess

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