3rd Quarter Post Pandemic

The 3rd Quarter Post Pandemic newsletter by First National Bank of Dennison (FNBD) shares its gains and future growth plans.

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Nichole L. Zesiger, President of First National Bank of Dennison released the latest news.  While there are no more masks required nor six-foot distancing, the bank is continuing extra cleaning procedures and keeping the plex glass shields at the front windows.  Safety is still at the forefront of thoughts.  The Federal Reserve released the results of their annual bank stress tests on June 24, 2021.  The report stated that all of the 23 largest banks passed the stress tests which can help to ensure they are able to support the economy if a recession or major downturn occurs.  This is good news for all Americans.  The information can inform individuals and businesses about the safety of their investments and help the future growth of our economy.

3rd Quarter

FNBD Highlights

  • Helped more than 200 small business owners with PPP funding
  • Net income was over $683,000
  • Technology advancement for the bank and customers

Post Pandemic Improvements

  • Improving customer service with the realignment of exercise
  • Digital technology of:
    • Document imaging
    • Electronic signatures
    • Paperless options
    • Electronic tickets to shorten wait times

3rd Quarter

Future Growth beyond 3rd Quarter

  • Create an interactive voice response system to eliminate hold times, help access departments and messaging.
  • By the 4th quarter of 2021, the hope is to offer a 24-hour call line with an automated system.
  • New lending products for consumers and businesses.

Check out your local bank’s 3rd Quarter Post Pandemic news!  If you have questions about technology there are many who are happy to help!

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