5 Facts & A Brief History on Braille

Did you know the braille system was created by a fifteen-year-old boy in France, nearly 200 years ago?

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More than less likely, Louis Braille is not a household name. We celebrate World Braille Day on his birthday, January 4. Born in 1809, Braille created a new system of reading and writing at the age of 15! He based his system on the tactical nighttime communication system of Charles Barbier. The work of these two men has helped many people with vision and hearing loss read, write, and communicate for over two centuries.

Facts About Braille

  • Braille is a system that can be translated into many languages and is not a language itself.
  • Nearly every country uses braille.
  • Louis Braille, the inventor of the 6-dot system, was completely blind by the age of 5 after a workplace accident in his father’s cobbler shop.
  • There is a braille typewriter that has six keys, a space key, an enter button, and a backspace.
  • Many toys and toy companies have products available in braille, including LEGO, the Rubik’s cube, and UNO.

Braille is useful for those with vision impairments, but it is also beneficial for people with other disabilities and dual sensory loss.

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