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5 Ways to Keep Your Vision Sharp

Do you know the true cause of vision loss? More than 65% of adults falsely believe it’s inevitable as they age!

This is Public Health is brought to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

As we age, we often expect our metabolism to slow down, our muscles to aches, and our eyesight to go. Fortunately, there are five things you can do right now to prevent your eyes from failing. What better time to start than during Healthy Vision Month?

Vision Loss Prevention

According to medical professionals, the three main causes of blindness or vision loss are diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. So what can you do?

  1. Move your body and eat healthily!
  2. Talk about eye health with your family.
  3. Find an eye doctor that you trust.
  4. Procedures change with age- find out how often you need to have your eyes dilated.
  5. Wear your sunglasses all year long, even on overcast days!

Keep in mind that high blood pressure and diabetes can put you at risk. Make a plan to quit smoking and talk with your doctors about these health conditions.

You can visit or find them on Facebook for more information about the Tuscarawas County Health Department and their services.

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