Don’t Sleep on the Kale

Have you ever tried leafy green kale, or even know that it is a vegetable that is growing fame in most health circles. Many people have never even heard of kale until recently. It seems to have quite literally blossomed up overnight. So what is kale, why is it so popular, and what are people doing with it? Read on to get the scope on kale.

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Kale is a versatile vegetable that is easy to grow in many climates. One can find kale in many Ohio gardens across the state since it is known as a “hardy” vegetable or one that does well in warm or cool weather. A person can grow kale early in the planting season, and late into the Fall as a last harvest in the garden. Kale is traditionally green in color and looks like lettuce. However, it can come in other colors. Kale used to be a side garnish at fancy restaurants, but now it’s considered a superfood. So what has changed?

Health benefits:
Serve it up:
  • Cold in a salad.
  • Put it in a smoothie.
  • Cook it in soup.
  • Fry it up.
  • Make kale chips.

If one can find a way that the naturally bitter taste doesn’t bother the tastebuds consider adding it regularly to mealtime. Try getting a pack of seeds from the local garden center, and planting a few for a September harvest.

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