5 Online games you can feel good about letting your kids play for hours

(U.S.) Screentime seems to be a regular part of the day at this point, but these online games will have you feeling guilt-free!

Here are five online games and activities you can let your child play for hours without the guilt. Each one offers interactive and engaging learning opportunities while also keeping your little entertained!


This site has a number of games for kids from grades kindergarten through sixth and up. And the best part, you can enjoy what it has to offer with a free subscription. You can, of course, also sign up for the paid premium access to avoid ads, endless mobile play, and multiple devices on a single account at one time.


Another interactive learning website that offers grammar games, reading material, videos, and more. This site serves kids from pre-k through 8th grade.

National Geographic Kids

For your animal and science-loving kiddos, this one is perfect!  This site has so many games and other activities including quizzes, hat focus on animals, space, and the human body!

PBS Kids

Not only is this a great resource for interactive, education-focused TV shows, but the website also offers a ton of games and activities. From science, math, and other school subjects to games and activities about feelings, colors, and even potty-training!


For your art and history-loving kiddos, this site is perfect. Ology has games that test your child’s knowledge in a ton of different subjects. It’s also from the American Museum of Natural History!


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