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5 Phrases to Hype Your Kids Up This Year

The kids are back in school! Parents rejoice! Kids… rejoice? Here are some phrases to pump them up for a successful & exciting new year!

This informational campaign comes to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

They may not always follow your directions, but kids are always listening to us. As they fill their backpacks and meet their new teachers, try these encouraging words to get them ready and excited to learn!

I believe in you! You are not alone.
Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone you love has your back? Your kids feel the same way!

I’m learning, too. We can support one another.
Knowing that you’re not alone in a new venture is always a comfort.

It’s a new day! What will we do with it?
Maybe they had a tough Monday. Maybe last week was a doozy. Remind your kids that each day is a new one with so many possibilities!

I care about you and I’m here to help you, but you must take the lead. You are capable of so much!
It’s important to let your kids know that you support them no matter what, but remind them that you can’t do the work for them or make them care. That’s up to them!

Big things are start with small actions. Do not let your failures define you!
All it takes is a little reminder that your kids can do great things. Encourage them daily!

The Anti-Drug Coalition provides excellent resources on encouraging kids, as well as information on how to help a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. Visit their website at https://adctusc.org/.

Audrey Mattevi

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