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5 Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

It can be tricky to help your child maintain a healthy weight without shaming or offending them, but obesity puts children at risk.

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No one wants to see their child struggle, but the truth is over 19% of kids from 2 to 19 struggle with obesity (CDC). While low self-esteem and mental health disorders often result from obesity, kids are also at risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties, and joint problems.

Here are 5 ways to help your child form good habits and prevent obesity.

Eat the Rainbow

Half of your child’s plate should be fruits and veggies! Encourage them to eat colorfully and serve them lots of produce, whole grains, and lean proteins.


It may go without saying, but kids who move and exercise at least 60 minutes per day have better cardiovascular health and a lower risk of depression.

Less Sugar

Kids often consume too much added sugar. Encourage your kids to grab an apple or handful of grapes when they’re craving something sweet. And restrict soda, juice, and flavored milk while providing ample water and low-fat milk.

Even Less Screen Time

According to the CDC, kids and adults spend over 7 hours a day being sedentary- and that does not include sleep. The consequences? Less sleep, weight gain, and poor mental health.

Go to Sleep

A good sleep schedule and plenty of sleep are essential to your child’s health. When kids are tired, they are less likely to be active and more likely to eat without purpose.

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  1. A child’s nutrition is essential and I believe these tips will help them stay well and develop positive eating habits. Instilling the importance of more fruits and vegetables and less sugar will go a long way.

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