Attention: Don’t Forget about a Mental Health Check-In with your Teens

It’s now a time of transition, hybrid, mixed with many unknowns, are we forgetting to check in on our teenagers? Do we sometimes think, “they have their video games and phones” and don’t bother to check in on them any more than that? I have many friends with teenagers who share how self-sufficient their teenagers have become in the midst of COVID-19. Sure they sleep in too long, stay up too late, and may not be eating as healthy of a diet, but overall they appear to be happy and healthy. However, is that truly the case for our teenagers?

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A recent study conducted by the National 4-H Council shared alarming statistics. Of the 1,500 youth who were polled, 7 out of 10 identified they are struggling with their mental health. One key indicator found that teens report more pressure to hide their feelings than to drink or do drugs. The Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the National 4-H Council was published by multiple outlets including HuffPost. For more information, check out the 4-H National page.

There has always been a concern about suicide in our youth. This global pandemic has only increased the importance for us to check in with them. A statistic from the Youth Mental Health First Aid course shares that if a youth feels they have one trusted adult they can seek out to share feelings with, it decreases their chance of suicide drastically.

We should be reminded to show compassion and empathy as our teens work through frustrations and fears of their own. I can’t even imagine the emotions they must be going through. Every school district has different rules for learning, proms, graduation. As well as decisions by families to continue quarantining, whether to vaccinate or not, and even family trips that may be postponed again. Just checking in with your teen, and reminding them how much you care can sometimes mean more than you know.

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