5 ways to play with baby at home

The days with a baby can often run together and seem magical one moment and then mundane the next. But, each day you have the potential to uncover momentous milestones and bonding opportunities through play.

No one is judging you on your best baby-talk voice and crazy faces, so dive in and have fun with 5 of our favorite activities to do with baby at home.

Finger Puppet Play

Babies need a lot of communication before their language development really takes off. A fun way to encourage this development is to pop on some finger puppets and make up a fun little story. You don’t have to be the next award-winning Hollywood screenwriter to make this happen either. Baby doesn’t need you to be a thespian, and the simplest of stories will help your baby learn how words fit together, develop an understanding of meaning, and be entertained.

Sensory Bottles

Sensory, sensory, sensory. This is something you’re likely hearing a lot of right now. Stimulating our babies is a critical part of their development. Sure, you can take a trip to the fanciest of stores and accumulate a ton of the highest-rated baby toys, but truthfully, your baby will be just as entertained with things you make at home. Take a few empty plastic bottles (just be sure the cap is on tight and they are BPA free) and fill them with colorful beads, puffs, glitter, and anything else you feel your baby will love. Again, just be sure that the cap is on extra tight!!

Blow Bubbles

One of the oldest toys and yet bubbles never go out of style. Bubbles and babies…it just makes sense. Blow bubbles and let them float past your baby’s face and watch as she becomes eager to try and pop them. Baby giggles + sensory stimulation + hand-eye coordination = Win, Win, Win!

Sing Nursery Rhymes 

This little piggy went to the market…this little piggy stayed home. Ahhh, the nostalgia! Singing those infamous nursery rhymes you grew up with will bring back memories for you and keep your little one engaged. And when they bring awareness to your baby’s body, even better! Let them learn about their little toes with ‘this little piggy,’ and find out what sound their hands make with “bakers man…”

Read a Book

Sure, your baby can’t talk yet and he definitely can’t read, but the truth is that it’s never to soon to start reading to your little one! Babies especially love board books that include a variety of textures at they can touch and feel! This is also a way to stimulate their early literacy growth as well as their communication development. 

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to contributor@newsymom.com. 

Have fun!

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