The need for child care providers has never been greater!

Coad4kids is an Ohio-based agency that is ready with services and financial support to those interested in becoming a childcare provider.

Helping Hands is brought to you by coad4kids.

If you’re a childcare provider or thinking about starting a childcare business it’s time to reach out to coad4kids! Officials are ready to provide resources to individuals to make their dreams become reality.

The agency offers free or low cost, local training to help individuals develop the skills and knowledge needed to become a childcare provider in the State of Ohio. Ohio approved classes are available through the agency that offers information on working with children in early childhood, caring for children after school, and help to operate a small business.

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And services are ongoing. coad4kids supports providers with:

  • Information on child care practices, activity suggestions, and other topics of interest to providers.
  • Training opportunities that will help you become a better caregiver and business person.
  • A resource lending library with books and videos on child care and child development topics
  • Referrals—our provider database is constantly accessed by people looking for child care in your area.
  • Sample room arrangements and toy lists for different age children.
  • Sample daily routines and activity plans.
  • Sample menus for meals and snacks.

Many services also come at no cost to participants. Additionally, coad4kids is reminding those looking to pursue this opportunity that funding is available through December 31st, 2020 to assist in this venture even further.

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