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Safe sleep academy is now available to parents for free

(Akron, Ohio) – Akron Children’s Hospital and the Molly Ann Gries Foundation have partnered to create a free online training program to educate parents and caregivers about best practices related to infant safe sleep habits.

Together We Rise – The Perspective of a CPS Worker

We often hear the stories of foster families and the children whom they have shared their homes and their lives with. But, behind the scenes, are those who perform the everyday duties in agencies like Stark County JFS. These individuals are vital in protecting children and maximizing their well-being, and they have a unique perspective …

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Experts advise against pregnant women receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

(U.S.) – The World Health Organization (WHO) advised against pregnant women receiving Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine in a recent report.

Local program continues to cultivate the passion for kids helping kids

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The TUFF (Tuscarawas United-Feeding our Future) Bags program continues to serve local school children by partnering at-risk youth from the juvenile court with community volunteers to pack bags of food.